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New interactive exhibition recreates Caribbean and Somali homes

The interactive exhibition was created to celebrate Black History Month
By Waltham Forest Echo

New interactive exhibition
New interactive exhibition “Dem Live A Foreign” is the brainchild of Walthamstow local David Anglin (credit:

A Walthamstow resident has recreated a typical West Indian living room from the 1980s as part of an interactive exhibition to celebrate Black History Month.

The “Dem Live A Foreign” exhibition was created by local charity Red Light Busking, which transforms shop windows into live performance stages for musicians.

The exhibition, spread across two venues, aims to celebrate London’s Caribbean and Somali communities through “snapshot recreations of their homes during key periods of celebration”. 

In Leyton, the team have recreated a West Indian home preparing for Notting Hill Carnival, while in Chingford they will exhibit scenes from the home of a Somali bride-to-be.

A sneak peek of the Caribbean living room (credit:

Speaking to the Echo, Walthamstow resident and Red Light Busking founder David Anglin said: “Many may be familiar with Caribbean culture, through events such as the iconic Notting Hill Carnival. 

“But it can be argued that Caribbean culture has grown to become part of Britain’s culture even on a smaller, more local level.

“With ‘Dem Live A Foreign’, I wanted to offer a behind the scenes perspective into the traditions and vibes of growing up in a Caribbean household and show the roots of our influence by detailing our base, the front room.

“Growing up in Walthamstow, I was proud to see how it impacted my friends of all races and backgrounds. 

“Similarly, going down this rabbit hole led me to the Somali community and their household; as before this project, I had very little knowledge of this proud, family-oriented community. 

“Lifting the veil on what is usually a very private event, a Somali daughter’s wedding, I’d love to invite others to learn about and celebrate a culture that doesn’t often share the spotlight, but is another captivating element of Black culture.” 

The “Caribbean snapshot” opens today at Host of Leyton in High Road, Leyton, and will run until 9th October.

The “Somali snapshot” opens at 228 Chingford Mount Road on 11th October and will run until the 22nd. 

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