Drama group’s debut delights

Mark Scott reviews the debut play by Proforca Creative

If I Go

Matt, played by Flannan Hassett, performing in If I Go.
Credit: Ian Casey/Proforҫa Creative

A play about a job-hating, flat-sharing professional on the cusp of 30? Perfect for modern Walthamstow.

This was a fact not lost on the newly-formed amateur drama group Proforca Creative, who brought their production of If I Go to Ye Old Rose and Crown Theatre Pub, in Hoe Street, last month.

Matt (played by Flannan Hassett) is an uptight, hard working, Blackberry-loving, ‘office monkey’. He has been in a relationship with Danny (Daniel Kewn) for three years. Danny manages to put up with his extreme work ethic and Kylie obsession through sheer love and patience.

Matt shares his flat with Becky (Catrin Keeler), a geography teacher and strong Northern lass who ensures that any of Matt’s neurotic tendencies are kept to a minimum. When Matt’s company starts planning his relocation to India, he just cannot bring himself to tell Danny. After all, work comes first and his ball-breaking New Yorker boss is on his case.

Things change for the worse when Danny has an accident on his bike and ends up in hospital. This leaves Matt with a conundrum: Career or love?

If I Go was a well-written, professional and thoroughly enjoyable production. The believable and relatable cast were clearly having a blast on stage. Special mentions should go to Paris Bailey and Ian Case who played Will (Becky’s bumbling love interest) and Charlie (Matt’s blundering personal assistant). Both parts were played with gleeful ease and had the audience giggling into their afternoon pints.

The Proforca Creative have promised another production in November. See you there.

For more information on Proforca Creative:

Visit www.proforca.co.uk