Not a model development

David Gardiner and Jean Duggleby have launched a new campaign to oppose plans for a skyscraper in Walthamstow

Walthamstow skyscraper model

David (left) and Jean (right) in Walthamstow Town Square with a hand-built a model of the development they are opposing, as they seek signatures on their petition

We are concerned about a planned development in central Walthamstow, on the only open space in the area where people can gather and socialise and enjoy leisure activities.

The town square is owned by Waltham Forest Council and is rented out to a development company called Capital & Regional which built and own The Mall, adjacent to the square.

This company has now proposed an extension that will reduce public open space by at least 30 percent, along with intensive housing development, to include a 27-storey tower block rising above the rear of the existing shopping mall and throwing the area into shadow.

We attended a token consultation where only the topic of landscaping was allowed to be discussed, and our impression is that very few people know about the scheme.

In our view this massive construction is completely out-of-keeping with the open character of central Walthamstow and will constitute a complete eyesore right at its heart. It is unclear whether the block will contain ‘affordable’ units and whether it will be anything more than luxury housing.

We are starting a petition against the scheme and we have also constructed an eight-foot tall model of the proposed tower block to draw attention to the threat, highlighting the plans to shoppers in The Mall. If you would like to help us oppose it, please get in touch.

To support David and Jean’s campaign against plans for a 27-storey building in Walthamstow: