‘Emerging’ Fellowship Square designs receive mixed feedback

Residents have shared mixed feedback on the second phase of the Fellowship Square development at Walthamstow Town Hall

The current proposal includes 450 new homes (with 50% deemed affordable) built around the existing Town Hall, plus a new ‘modern’ civic building, community spaces and ‘refurbished’ existing green space, with an ‘enhanced’ Chestnut Field.

Waltham Forest residents were invited to provide feedback in a second design discussion meeting on 14th December, while 54 local residents wrote in with feedback on the online proposal, which can still be viewed at Fellowship Square’s Commonplace website.

According to the proposal itself, a total of 701 people have seen the designs since October 2020 – all of whom were residents of the borough.

Feedback was mixed, with residents focusing largely on their desire for more green space, and to minimise cutting down trees in the area.

Accessibility, the volume and density of the proposed housing, and ensuring the protection of the Town Hall’s 1930s Art Deco architecture were all key concerns.

Suggestions included more market stalls and a community garden, plus there was a clear desire for more small independent eateries and businesses, like bookshops, in the area.

This is just the second phase of the Fellowship Square project, which is run by Waltham Forest Council and UK developer Countryside Properties.

The next stage, taking place over winter 2020-21, will see a ‘masterplan’ proposal put together, as well as the beginning of the formal consultation process.

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