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Chingford brother and sister jailed for pimping women online

The siblings from Garfield Road were jailed for six years each

Hero for Chingford brother and sister jailed for pimping women online
Claudia and Vasile Anca (credit: Met Police)
By Victoria Munro 18 November 2021

A Chingford brother and sister who made thousands pimping out women online were jailed for six years each yesterday.

Older sister Claudia Anca, 27, was “the boss” of the operation who took calls from customers and insisted the women advertised on her site “respect her rules”.

Her 24-year-old brother Vasile Anca, who lived with her in Garfield Road, assisted in running the business and often drove women to meet the men who had hired them.

After initially pleading their innocence, the siblings confessed one day into what was supposed to be a four-week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court due to the weight of evidence against them.

They pleaded guilty to controlling prostitution and supplying cocaine to customers on their request.

Speaking after the siblings were jailed yesterday, Detective Inspector Nigel Penney said they showed “absolutely no regard for the welfare or safety of the women they exploited for their own greed”.

The investigation revealed the business operated from at least as early as March 2019, when both siblings set up a company called Ace Concept to facilitate their criminal enterprise.

Police discovered the company was linked to a number of adverts advertising sex workers, which listed Claudia’s phone number. In a year and a half, the siblings spent more than £23,000 on such adverts.

The Metropolitan Police arrested the siblings in January after organising a sting operation, ordering sex workers and cocaine to a Barking hotel.

The sex workers were driven to the hotel by the pair’s 51-year-old Redbridge accomplice Mihaita Strat and officers found their address in Chingford stored on his car’s Satnav. 

The sibling's Redbridge accomplice (credit: Met Police)

Officers quickly arrested the Ancas at their home and seized cash, cocaine, several phones and a notebook with handwritten financial records for the business.

Claudia’s phone showed numerous messages to customers discussing where to send sex workers, what they would need to do and how much would be paid per hour. 

She had also sent messages to the women working for her dictating how they should look - insisting they dress elegantly and straighten their hair - and threatening them with losing work if they did not obey. 

Drivers who dropped women off were expected to take a photo of them for Claudia’s approval before they went to meet customers. 

On 17th November, the Anca were both sentenced to six years in jail. Their accomplice Strat, who helped with the website and drove women to jobs, was jailed for two years.

Anyone with information about exploitation and modern slavery is asked to call the police on 101. Alternatively call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.