Paint the town green

Photographer Joanne Segars has documented the work of the Forest Recycling Project who mix, recycle and sell paint

Recycled paints for sale at the Forest Recycling Project’s, Credit: Joanne Segars

Photographer Joanne Segars has documented the work of Forest Recycling Project (FRP), a charity that has been recycling the borough’s paint, fabrics, wood, and tools since its inauguration in 1989.

Credit: Joanne Segars

FRP has a goal of saving as much paint from the rubbish tip as possible. It does this by collecting usable paint from recycling centres in Waltham Forest and distributing it across the local community, selling it to the public at affordable prices while saving good quality paint from incineration.

Lee (back) and Clive (front) at work mixing paint at the FRP’s Leyton warehouse, Credit: Joanne Segars

The charity sells its reclaimed paint out of its warehouse in The Sidings, near Leyton Midland Road, and from its Bakers Avenue shop in Walthamstow. FRP also runs the popular Walthamstow Tool Library on the Priory Court Estate.

Driver and paint mixer Lee, Credit: Joanne Segars
The FRP’s shop in Walthamstow, Credit: Joanne Segars

Find out more by going on the FRP’s website or email: [email protected]

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