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Chingford plant nursery to hold organic produce sale day

OrganicLea are opening their Hawkwood plant nursery on Sunday 24th September to sell a range of vegetable, herb and salad plants as well as bags of compost

Credit: OrganicLea

A worker’s cooperative growing food on London’s edge in the Lea Valley is holding a massive plant sale at the end of the month.

Visitors to OrganicLea’s Hawkwood plant nursery on Sunday 24th September will have the opportunity to buy seedlings for winter as well as buy mustards, rocket, endive, kale, and chard.

The plant sale will have a whole range of vegetable, herb and salad plants for sale, as well as bags of compost. The farm stall will be stocked with local, organic produce as well as solidarity goods from further afield.

The plant sale day will begin at 12 and run until 4pm. Visitors are invited to make a suggested donation of “a few ££” to help cover the costs of running the open days, and cash is preferred.

The farm stall, which will be stocked with compost, seasonal produce and preserved goods will also have refereshments (coffee, cake) available all day, alongside lunch which will be served between 12.30-2pm.

A taproom bar serving chilli stout and other homemade produce will be on site too.

The day will also feature a self-guided educational nature trail around the site for 8-14-year-olds, and a chilli workshop where visitors can learn more about the global varieties of chillies while tasting them.

Between 1-3pm, visitors will be invited to a family-friendly apple-pressing event for the chance to turn apples into bottled juice.

Directions to the Hawkwood site including bus, rail and river-cycle routes can be found here. Parking is available for people driving in.