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Police called to Leyton snooker club 18 times in six months

An officer described a fight where a man was beaten with pool cues and “extremely lucky” not to have life-threatening injuries
By Victoria Munro

Snookers Lovers Club in High Road, Leyton (credit: Google Streetview)
Snookers Lovers Club in High Road, Leyton (credit: Google Streetview)

A Leyton snooker club allegedly home to coke-dealing and regular fights could be stripped of its licence next month.

In the six months from 16th September to 28th February, police were called to Snooker Lovers Club in High Road, Leyton, a total of 18 times.

Police received ten calls about fights or assaults, including one from Homerton Hospital after a man arrived with knife wounds, and an “unsubstantiated report” of cocaine being dealt to children on the premises.

After the most recent reported incident, on 28th February, a police officer claimed he saw CCTV footage of a man being attacked so viciously that he was “extremely lucky” not to have received life-threatening injuries.

The business is currently subject to an interim closure order lasting six weeks, which was issued by Thames Magistrates Court on 16th March.

The venue in 2019 (credit: Google Streetview)

The council received a witness statement from PC Anthony Ellice, a police officer for more than 20 years, who said he was called to the venue on 28th February after reports of a fight.

After reviewing the CCTV, he said: “What I saw was a white male in a white T-shirt standing at the bar… talking to several other white men. A punch was thrown and a large fight ensued.

“Several other men have thrown glasses filled with what appears to be beer at the male… chairs and tables have been thrown and there is a huge brawl. You can see males arming themselves with pool cues.

“They proceed to attack this male by striking him from behind across his head and back and, at one point, I believe a ceiling light is broken. 

“In my opinion, from viewing the CCTV, the male is extremely lucky not to have received life threatening or changing injuries.”

He contacted owner Abdul Kanat, who told him he “no longer has any involvement with the venue”, which he said now belongs to his brother and designated premises supervisor Yakup Kanat.

Fred Angrove, an antisocial behaviour officer employed by the council, wrote to the committee: “The events at this club are causing alarm, harassment and distress to residents and people who are in the locality for lawful purposes. 

“The events described are creating anxiety and raising both crime levels and the fear of becoming a victim of crime.

“The local community deserve respite, security and an acceptable quality of life and the actions evidenced as taking place at the club are clearly unacceptable.”

The club’s current licence allows it to open until 1am seven days a week.

The owners will have a chance to plead their case before Waltham Forest Council’s licensing committee on 5th April.