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Walthamstow Salvation Army van stolen in Leyton

Sally in the Stow are still hopeful they may be able to get their van back
By Victoria Munro

The distinctive van was discovered missing on Monday morning (credit: Sally in the Stow)
The distinctive van was discovered missing on Monday morning (credit: Sally in the Stow)

A van belonging to Walthamstow’s Salvation Army has been stolen in Leyton.

David Pell, who runs Sally in the Stow with his wife Julie, said the van must have been stolen at some point last weekend and was discovered missing on Monday morning.

There have been a couple reported sightings of the distinctive van since, which the pair have passed over to the police.

David told the Echo that, though they expect to get the value of the old van back from their insurer if it is permanently lost, the biggest impact is the effect on their operations.

He said: “It’s the inconvenience of not being able to carry on the work we do. The van is used a lot to deliver furniture to vulnerable local families and to pick up or deliver furniture bought and sold through the shop.

“Our immediate assumption is that it would be taken somewhere and have its signs removed so the fact there’s been reported sightings gives us a little bit of hope that it may still be out there and we might get it back.

“The community have been very supportive. We have had a number of offers of help in the interim period and we’re very grateful for their help and support.”

The appeal for information about the missing van was shared by Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy on Twitter yesterday.

She wrote: “Don’t make me lose hope in humanity – Walthamstow’s Salvation Army have helped so many vulnerable people in our community.

“Yesterday some dirtbag stole their actual van – complete with logo. If you can help get it returned or replaced get in touch.”

The van’s licence plate is LK20 CUX.

Contact Sally in the Stow via their Facebook page here.