Criminals behind gunfight at Leyton party jailed

An argument between two men from out of the borough ended in a shoot-out that injured two
By Victoria Munro

The party venue after guests fled in terror (credit: Met Police)
The party venue after guests fled in terror (credit: Met Police)

Four years after a Leyton party erupted into gunfire, injuring two innocent guests, some of those responsible have finally been jailed.

Described by police as “like a scene from a movie”, the fight broke out at a private party of around 300 people being held at a rented hall in Rigg Approach on 28th October, 2017.

Police discovered it was sparked by an ongoing feud between two guests from Enfield and Tottenham but ended with more than 30 shots being fired from six guns.

Two party-goers – a man in his 40s and a woman in her 20s – were caught in the crossfire, although both thankfully survived their injuries.

Detective Inspector Matthew Webb said: “The CCTV from this offence plays like a scene from a movie. Unfortunately though, this was a real-life event that took place on our streets and it was by sheer luck that no further significant injuries were caused.

“The effect the criminal use of firearms has in our communities is not lost on us and I hope the sentences imposed send a strong message to those involved in firearms criminality. Your actions are reprehensible and we will seek to bring you to justice.”

In total, five men and one woman have been charged in connection with the gunfight, although two are still awaiting their sentences.

In September, Enfield 30-year-old Kamal Parrish – one of the two men to trigger the fight – was sentenced to 16 years.

His co-defendant Michael Lawrence – a 24-year-old from Tipton – was jailed for 15 years and six months. The court heard the pair wielded an Uzi and a self-loading pistol.

On 5th November, 33-year-old Sinan Ozger and 42-year-old Shearine Thompson – both from Tottenham – were jailed for 21 years and 11 years respectively.

The court heard Ozger fired two self-loading pistols, while Shearine acted as a getaway driver.

The final two criminals – 35-year-old Haramein Mohammed from Hackney and the other man embroiled in the feud: 34-year-old Jacob Maitland from Tottenham – will be sentenced on 24th February next year.

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