Animal Magic at Walthamstow Mall

IMAG0143There were animal antics at The Mall Walthamtow when reptiles, rabbits, creepy crawlies and baby farm animals invaded the shopping centre this week.

An array of animals from Brooks Farm are visiting The Mall throughout this week so children and families can get hands on with the cute and cuddly animals. Shoppers have been able to get up close and personal with a menagerie of animals and reptiles from Brooks Farm, which is run by the Forest YMCA, and is The Mall Walthamstow’s chosen charity for the year.

As well as raising vital funds for the farm project The Mall also offers the farm a chance to promote what they do inside the shopping centre.

Families are being encouraged to learn all about the local city farm, meet the animals and take part in animal themed arts and crafts activities. Visitors can meet lots of different cute animals including rabbits, goslings and also less traditional farm creatures including a bearded dragon, yellow-bellied turtles, stick insects and a blue tongue skink.

Marketing Manager at The Mall, Rebecca Marjoram, said: “It was fantastic to be able to welcome Brooks Farm back to The Mall Walthamstow. The farm is proving very popular with families and shoppers.

“We are delighted to be able to support the farm and give children the chance to get hands on with lots of animals and learn all about them. The arts and crafts area is also proving a hit with familes too”

IMAG0148Brooks Farm Manager, Meg Wilson, said: “It is fantastic to have so much support from our neighbours at The Mall Walthamstow, who have been nothing but kind and supportive throughout the year. It is great to have the opportunity to take the animals to do outreach visits to promote the farm.”

If you cannot get along to The Mall there are plenty of opportunities over the summer and throughout the year to see Brook Farm’s animals. Weekdays from 3rd to 28th August there is a summer programme of activities for children and young people at the farm – from woodwork to animal handling to gardening to photography. “On Sunday 30th August, we are holding our annual Family Summer Day with a range of fun activities, demonstrations and stalls. Alternatively, people can visit the Farm for free” says Meg Wilson.

By Amanda O’Hare

Visit the Brooks Farm website for more information. Brooks Farm is at The Mall until Friday July 31st everyday from 11am till 4pm.

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