Waltham Forest Echo

Waltham Forest Echo


The Echo was established in 2014 as an independent community newspaper for the London borough of Waltham Forest. We publish monthly and distribute 17,500 free copies via cafes, pubs, community spaces, railway stations, places of worship, and many other places.

The aim of the Echo is to promote the work of local community organisations and voluntary groups, as well as provide a platform for local people to contribute and raise important issues. Through our journalism we also help to hold authority to account.

We are funded by advertising and membership; all income is spent on the continuing production of the paper. If you would like to help support us please find out more about our membership scheme or consider purchasing an advertisement for your organisation. You are also welcome to write for us about projects you are involved with, campaigns you are running, or events you are organising.

Contact us

Call: 020 8521 7956 Email: WFEcho@socialspider.com Facebook: /WalthamForestEcho Post: Waltham Forest Echo, The Mill 7-11 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London E17 7HA Twitter: @WFEcho

Our team

Publisher: David Floyd Editor: Victoria Munro Designer: Jonathan Duncan Head of Advertising: Klaudia Kiss Head of Operations: Paige Ballmi Engagement Manager: Penny Dampier

Our owners

Waltham Forest Echo is published by Social Spider CIC on behalf of WFWellComm CIC, a social enterprise formed by charities and social enterprises based in Waltham Forest. The WFWellComm management board comprises: David Floyd (Social Spider), Tom Ruxton (HEET), Helen Tredoux (Community Transport Waltham Forest). The member organisations of WFWellComm are: Community Transport Waltham Forest, Social Spider, HEET.

Social Spider also publishes north-east London newspapers Tottenham Community Press and Enfield Dispatch.

Our members

Chris Lemin, Darrel Hunneybell, David Gardiner, David Hamilton, Dexter Coles, Graham Millington, Jean Duggleby, Melanie Strickland, Michael Grimshaw, Roland Karthaus, Renetta Neal, Graham Larkbey, Paul Schneider, Megan Lucero, Deri Jones, Scott Davies, Abigail Woodman, Pat Stannard, Lee Mitchell, Ian Cadogan, Madeleine Munday, Irena Souroup, Paul Scaife, Jon Dalladay, David McDade, Community Counts UK, Esther Neslen, Saradadevii Hull-Jurkovic, Claire Weiss, George Clarke, Ben Marlow, Creative Works, Greg Cochrane, Julie Gibson, Carmen Trachenko, Transition Leytonstone, Clem Cowton, Linda Ridgers-Waite, Cranston Watts, Rachael Castell, Hewing Wittare, Stephanie Waterman, Martin Riches, Hugh Grant Peterkin, Alke Schmidt, Keith Segal, Daniel Stanley, Sarah Fairbairn, Sarah Jones, Bob Sullivan, Daniel Garay, Jo Pinney, Andrew Diamond, Julian Richards, James Wragg, Doreen Harding, Roland Zell, Jawed Akhtar, Miranda Grell, Meera Chadha, Chris Yates, Katherine Green, Shona Mackintosh, Jean Anderson, Laonikos Psimikakis, Joanna Moncrieff, Steve Cushion, Namir Shabibi, David Boote, Lawrence Walker, Mary Burnett, Manuel Arroyo-Kalin, Deborah Nash, Andrew Boyd, Florent Lassalle, The Digital Story Company, Lora Parkes, Tiffany-Louise Bird, Sarah McCulloch, Amy Rixon, Steve Lambert, Helen Weighell, Ines Nastali, Holly Wilkins, Steve Roffey, Caitlin McKiernan, Ruth Goldsmith, Kate Bohdanowicz, Kizzy Gardiner, Lydia Noon, Douglas Saltmarshe, Louis Wallinger, Peter Brennan, Paul Perkins, Tommy Lumby, Arlene Dunkley-Wood, Mark and Laura McCormack, Anne McKenna, Clare Thomas, Amal Yousuf, Tom Thompson, Barbara Korner, Roland Rance and Inbar Tamari, Pablo Greppi, Tamsin Green, Lucy Birchenough, Sam Brewster, Carolyn Difalco, Jonathan Weymer, Miriam Ceribelli, Maura Wilding, Roy Crawford, Steven Scorer.

Member organisations

Independent Community News Network

Waltham Forest Echo is a member of the Independent Community News Network, the UK representative body for the independent community and hyperlocal news sector. For more information go to: communityjournalism.co.uk/icnn.

How to make a complaint

Waltham Forest Echo is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of The Press. For more information on the Echo’s complaints policy and how to make a complaint, click here.