Boff ejected from party conference for heckling Braverman’s “trash”

The Conservative who is chair of the London Assembly was removed by security as he described the home secretary’s speech as “a homophobic rant” reports Noah Vickers, Local Democracy Reporter

Headshot of Conservative member of the London Assembly Andrew Boff
Andrew Boff AM was ejected from Conservative conference for heckling home secretary Suella Braverman – (Credit – London Assembly)

A prominent London Conservative was removed by security during Suella Braverman’s speech at the party’s conference on Tuesday, after calling it “trash”.

Andrew Boff, chair of the London Assembly, was filmed heckling the home secretary when she described “gender ideology” as a “poison” in modern Britain.

Boff, who has put himself forward to be the party’s London mayoral candidate six times, could be heard saying: “There’s no such thing as gender ideology”.

Braverman was claiming in her speech in Manchester that “highly controversial ideas are [being] presented to the workforce, and to the public, as if they’re motherhood and apple pie”. Among these ideas, she included “gender ideology, white privilege and anti-British history”.

After Boff objected, he was immediately tapped on the arm by a member of security, to whom he said: “No, this is trash.”

Following an apparent request to be quiet during the speech, he could be heard saying that they would have to “make” him leave.

As he was taken outside, accompanied by a Greater Manchester Police officer, he said: “It’s tripe. It’s just a homophobic rant.”

Boff, who was the first person in London to enter a same-sex civil partnership in 2005, told Sky News outside the conference hall that he has been “a loyal Tory for 50 years”.

Asked about his comments, he said: “This trash about gender ideology is making our Conservative Party look transphobic and homophobic. This is not what The Conservative Party is about.”

He won praise on X, previously known as Twitter, from current and former colleagues on the Assembly.

Emma Best, leader of the Conservative group on Waltham Forest council and deputy leader of City Hall Conservatives said: “Proud of my friend and colleague @AndrewBoff for standing up as a critical friend. Our party of free speech should apologise to him. One thing for sure is his heroes welcome at tonight’s @LGBTCons event.”

City Hall Green group leader Caroline Russell, said Boff is “always a trans ally and rock solid on LGBT rights”, while Labour’s Florence Eshalomi, now MP for Vauxhall, urged her former Assembly colleague: “Speak your truth Andrew.”

Update: this report was updated at 6.05pm to add the quote from Emma Best.