How to apply for a premises licence in Waltham Forest

Maia Wolf from the sales team at our publisher Social Spider Community News explains all about premises licences
By Waltham Forest Echo

(Credit: Christian Birkholz/Pixabay)
(Credit: Christian Birkholz/Pixabay)

What is a premises licence?

A premises licence is a type of business licence that you need if you intend to sell alcohol or provide ‘licensable activities’ from a particular venue. The laws regarding this are found in the Licensing Act 2003.

Do I need a premises licence?

You need a premises licence if you want to have any of the following activities at your premises:

  • Selling alcohol (retail or in a bar)

  • Serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am

These other types of entertainment also require a licence:

  • Theatrical performance

  • Showing a film

  • Indoor sporting event

  • Boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)

  • Live music

  • Recorded music

  • Dance

  • Facilities for making music

  • Dancing facilities

You will still need a licence even if the activities are for charity.

How do I apply for a premises licence?

Applications for premises licences in Waltham Forest are really simple! You can apply either online using Waltham Forest Council’s online application process or file a paper application with the council.

The steps include providing the council with a clear plan of the premises, a consent form from the designated premises supervisor (if you are applying to sell alcohol), proof of your right to work in the UK, and details of your operating schedule (when you are open and when you plan on providing any of the above listed licensable activities). Once you have submitted your initial application there is a 28-day consultation process during which you need to make sure to advertise your licence, and notify your local authorities (if you have sent your application by post).

How can I advertise the premises licence?

For your application you will need to advertise that you have applied for your licence in two places: your premises, and your local newspaper. Here at Waltham Forest Echo we can help you with your advertising the licence!

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