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Homeless man arrested with boxcutter banned from using knives

Police discovered the knife on Stephen after placing him under arrest
By Victoria Munro

Stephen Smith (credit: Met)
Stephen Smith (credit: Met)

A homeless man arrested while carrying a boxcutter is now banned from using a knife except to cook and eat food.

Stephen Smith, 37, was arrested on 23rd August after stealing a tool box from a car parked in Farmilo Road, Walthamstow, and then punching its owner when he intervened.

Officers who arrested him at the scene found he was carrying a Stanley knife and further arrested him on suspicion of possessing a weapon.

On 11th November, Smith was sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to pay £385 in fines and prosecution costs.

The Crown Prosecution Service and local police also applied for a Knife Crime Prevention Order (KCPO), which was granted on 8th December.

The Stanley knife in question (credit: Met)

Local police superintendent Waheed Khan thanked his officers for helping Smith’s victim “very quickly” and the CPS for its “strong support”, calling the case “a fine example of joint hard work”.

He added: “The sentence reflects the seriousness of this crime, the impact on the victim and wider community. The KCPO is a way to steer this offender away from crime and provide protection for the public once he is released from prison.

“I want to assure the public that we, collectively with our partners, are fully committed to keeping the public safe and bringing offenders to justice.”

In addition to being banned from using knives except for food, Smith cannot enter shops where he has offended previously or touch a car without its owner’s permission.

He is also required to attend educational programmes, aimed at preventing him from offending in future.

The KCPO will last for two years and will be reviewed in November next year.