‘We’ll fight for EU’

Lib Dems can make comeback at town hall, writes party candidate Arran Angus

Waltham Forest Lib Dems

Grove Green ward Lib Dem candidates Arran Angus, Naomi McCarthy, and Ukonu Obasi

The Liberal Democrats have a strong track record in local government of punching above their weight, being accessible to local residents, and listening to their concerns.

In Waltham Forest, the local Liberal Democrats are younger, bolder, and more diverse than ever before, and our local membership has more than doubled.

Many of these new supporters have come to us because of Brexit. The Conservatives are making a mess of the entire Brexit process, without any real opposition or scrutiny by Labour. Both are failing to represent the views of the residents of Waltham Forest, who voted strongly to remain in the EU. Voting Liberal Democrat on Thursday 3rd May sends a strong message to Labour and the Conservatives that they need to change course rather than push ahead with a destructive Brexit.

But of course, this election is not just about Brexit. We know that local residents worry about many issues, like controversial planning decisions, homelessness and a lack of affordable housing, anti-social behaviour and crime, and the consequences of austerity imposed by a Tory government.

The current Labour council is making bad choices. Since the last council elections, for example, the council has spent more than £1million self-publicising in Waltham Forest News despite the threat of expensive court action from the government. In December, Labour councillors nodded through plans for the redevelopment of The Mall without any social housing, despite widespread opposition from local people. Labour takes your vote for granted.

If elected, Liberal Democrats would reverse the Labour council’s unfair cuts to public services by re-opening Harrow Green Library, keeping the park keeper in Abbotts Park, and preventing the closure of Stanley Road Car Park. We will reduce air pollution outside schools, install hundreds of electric charging points, and develop pocket parks. We would scrap Waltham Forest News and promote real transparency at the town hall.

Electing Liberal Democrat councillors means we can speak up for local people and hold the other parties to account. On 3rd May make sure you use your vote to send a message to the Conservatives and Labour by voting for a Liberal Democrat councillor who will fight your corner. EU nationals are entitled to vote in the local elections. Take this opportunity to make sure that your voice is heard!

This is the first article in a series focusing on the political parties standing for election to Waltham Forest Council on Thursday 3rd May 2018. For more information and a full list of candidates:

Visit walthamforest.gov.uk/content/local-elections-2018