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Walthamstow mum and 'symbol' of housing fight wins reprieve

One family's fight against eviction has become a "symbol" for local campaigners

Hero for Walthamstow mum and 'symbol' of housing fight wins reprieve
Nadia Zamin (credit: Penny Dampier)
By Victoria Munro 18 November 2021

A single mum whose fight against eviction has become a “symbol” for local campaigners has won another temporary reprieve.

Nadia Zamin, 38, has faced eviction three times in the last six months after the breakdown of her marriage left her unable to support her three young children and pay rent.

Her family has so far been moved from Walthamstow to Leyton and back again by Waltham Forest Council and even told to move to Stoke-on-Trent this summer, which she refused.

Last week, after she was once more told the council would no longer house her, protestors gathered outside the town hall and implored councillors to help.

Nadia's supporters outside the town hall (credit: LDRS)

This morning, it was confirmed Nadia can stay in her current accommodation in Walthamstow until January, which campaigners say will allow her time to find a way to support herself.

Responding to the news, Nadia said: “We recognize that housing officers are bound by all kinds of laws but they found some heart and a way round this one for the moment and for that, we are all pleased.” 

In a written statement, Waltham Forest Housing Action Network added that her case is far from isolated in the borough.

Their spokesperson said: “There are probably hundreds of Nadias. This is… a political fight for housing to become a social service, not an investment opportunity.

“Property developers are building masses of flats in the borough, but not for the 10,000 households on the housing waiting list. Where is the help for Nadia, and all others in her position?”

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Responding the day after the protest, the council’s cabinet member for housing Louise Mitchell said the council will "continue to work with Ms Zamin and her family to understand her circumstances".

She added: "Waltham Forest Council works hard to provide accommodation for residents who request assistance.

"Our preference is to house every household locally. However, demand for housing in London far outstrips supply and we regret it is not always possible to place people in the borough.

"We understand it is a very difficult time for households that find themselves at risk of losing their home, and we work hard to find the most appropriate ways that we can support them."

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