Walthamstow errands

Started last year, Walthamstow Errands is run by Johnfa Koke, a 15-year-old entrepreneur who wants to make a bit of cash while helping the community.

Along with 5 other errand boys he provides services such as babysitting, dog walking, car washes and helping moving out for up to £10, according to their website.

Johnfa, who studies at Fredrick Bremer School said: “I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up so this is good for me and any other teenager who wants to get some experience.

“I saw programs like The Dragons Den and The Apprentice and that inspired me to try building something myself.”

He says he sends safeguarding documents to anyone who is worried about whether they can trust a teenager to baby sit or help them in the house.

For now he is trying to get the word out and has already had an interview with East London Radio. He also uses social networking sites so that customers have many ways of contacting him and hopes to create a mobile app as well.

He said: “In the future I hope to get adults involved, make my business more professional and hopefully expand it to other areas.”

Find a list of errands and the errand runner form on his website: walthamstowerrands.weebly.com or follow him on twitter (@Walthamstow_E).