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Waltham Forest Fireworks Night not happening this year

A council spokesperson confirmed the unfortunate news

Hero for Waltham Forest Fireworks Night not happening this year
There is no large display this year (credit: Pixabay)
By Victoria Munro 29 October 2021

The annual fireworks display next to Waltham Forest Town Hall is not going ahead this year.

The Bonfire Night celebration on 5th November is usually held on Chestnut Field behind the building but a council spokesperson confirmed it will not take place next month.

No reason was given for the cancellation, the second in a row after the last display was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the start of September, developer Countryside was given planning permission to build hundreds of flats around the town hall, including on a small part of the field.

However, in recent years, the event has also been cancelled due to poor weather, such as in 2015, when the field was too wet for it to proceed safely.

A recent tweet from Waltham Forest Council reminds residents setting off fireworks after 11pm is banned, except on holidays such as Bonfire Night.

On Bonfire Night, fireworks are permitted until midnight, although the tweet asks people: “Please think of others and remember to consider pets.”