The joy of tech

In her latest column about local small businesses, Waltham Forest Business Network’s Jo Sealy meets a tech-savvy entrepreneur

Vernette John-Joiles

Vernette John-Joiles, who runs 7D Web Design in Leytonstone

Seven years ago Vernette John-Joiles knew that she had to make a change in her life. She was in a well-paid secure job but things didn’t feel right, she felt there was more she needed to do.

In 2011 Vernette did what many people dream of doing – she ditched the day job and started her own business, 7D Web Design.

“I realised that I didn’t want to be an employee anymore,” she explains. “My husband and I are always talking about goals that we wanted to achieve and starting a business was one of the avenues we wanted to try.”

The company, based in Leytonstone, provides website design and hosting services and other online services such as website migrations, maintenance, and audits. The service also includes logo and print design, useful to the company’s many start-up clients, providing all aspects under one roof.

With an education in Aerospace Engineering, dealing with HTML, CSS, and the other coding languages that are used for online applications, it wasn’t that difficult for Vernette to adapt and learn.

“When I first started I signed up to a number of business support groups and went to a lot of networking events,“ says Vernette. “I’ve also received encouraging support from family and friends.”

Giving people the courage to start their own business has been a great motivation for Vernette. “It’s really satisfying to be able to share information and advice about how to run a business through my own experience.

“I am particularly passionate about helping younger women realise their goals. I feel that my own success is something that is tangible and a good example.”

Vernette admits in the beginning she found herself typically working very long hours, trying to cram things in.

“I soon realised that this was not good practice! Over the years, I have become more self-aware, learned how to plan better and be more realistic around deadlines.”

What’s it like being a female ‘techie’?

“It’s a bit like being a unicorn! There are not as many at the forefront of a business such as website design. I do feel that I have an edge – I am able to break things down into layman’s terms and de-mystify things so that getting a website online, discussing design trends and online developments doesn’t have to be a barrier.

Vernette is developing new avenues for her business over the next 12 months. This includes delivering more workshops, which she enjoys and has a knack for. She also wants to offer internships to young women.

“One of the best decisions I’ve made has been to leave my job and embark on the journey to being a business owner.

“My best advice to new entrepreneurs would be to put aside time for moments of quiet or stillness to look over your plans, keep focused, and make sure you are passionate about it.”

For more information about 7D Web Design:

Call 07415 832 574



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