Success in a snap

In a new small business column in association with Waltham Forest Business Network, Jo Sealy interviews a freelance photographer

Chingford-based photographer Jon Holloway

Leyton-based photographer Jon Holloway

Jon Holloway runs a photography business in Leyton specialising in portrait and public relations work but also documentary, brand, interiors, lighting, retouching, and tuition.

Asked where the idea for his business came from, Jon says: “I have always wanted to do a job that I love. After going to art school it was a logical progression to do something that I was both good at and could see a clear career trajectory in front of me.”

But even with a clear idea, starting up in business is not always easy. “During my photographic education I was introduced to assisting, where I learnt more technical skills than I could have at any institution. I guess you could say that it was my apprenticeship.

“I went on to develop a career as a photographer’s assistant alongside trying to carve out my own place as a photographer in my own right.”

What is Jon’s biggest achievement in business? “There have been so many, and I hope many more to come. I have been lucky enough to take portraits of a few stars such as Jim Broadbent and Ricky Gervais.

“My job also takes me to weird and wonderful places. From quarries and canyons to achieve basements, and the bowels of ships. I love to learn and explore and am lucky enough to have a job that takes me on unless journeys.”

Differentiating yourself from the competition is a key to success in business. How has Jon managed it? “I always like to put my own stamp on what I do. In portraits it’s usually about my relationship with who I’m photographing, putting them at ease or getting to know them. It’s a connection, not just an excuse to show off how good you are at lighting.”

Looking ahead, Jon says he was wants to make more connections and work with more local companies, in what he hopes is a mutually beneficial relationship. “Many individuals and businesses could use my skill set and I enjoy working in new and interesting ways. I’m just looking for opportunities to do what I do best – create.”

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