Sky Hook

Sky Hook by Georgie White 

I have recently been exploring double exposures with my Nikon 35mm film camera, creating deeper narratives and overlapping the meanings within the picture. This series, Sky Hook, was taken on New Year’s Day when my husband and I went on a big walk around the wetlands and marshes. The sky was epic and so was our conversation. We both discussed what the future holds for us and where we see ourselves in a year’s time. Not surprisingly, a lot of people were out that day walking the beautiful trail through Walthamstow and I imagine that a lot of people were also discussing their future plans and what’s in store for them. I think that is the wonderful thing about that part of Walthamstow and I feel so lucky to have access to it. The marshes are such an inspiring place to retreat to and it always surprises me just how peaceful they are and yet so close to busy city life. You can really find freedom in the space and a lot of my work is influenced by the wetlands and the incredible contrast they have with the rest of London. These images further your imagination and capture a dream-like state that parallels the language of photography, tracing light within the frame. 

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