“Resurrection: Life Through Death In Midwinter” Exhibition at Artefacto

Submitted by: Leticia Molera Vasquez

Nestled in the middle of Leytonstone High Road near the birthplace of Alfred Hitchcock and next to the historic police station sits one of the area’s only freestanding turn-of-the century buildings, which now houses the custom tattoo studio and art gallery Artefacto.

With ever changing solo and group shows this new addition to the E11 postcode also hosts talks and workshops throughout the year, taking part in both the Leytonstone Arts Trail and the Festival.

Currently this intimate space is hosting a group multi-media show titled “Resurrection: Life Through Death in Midwinter”.

It explores the belief that it is through death that new life begins and that as with the shortest day, Midwinter Solstice, it is in the darkness that one can better see the light.

From funerary statue photography to recycling, memento mori art to traditional canvases, this show investigates our relationship with life through death.

Artists from a wide variety of specialties from fine art to illustration and graphic design are hung in such a way that there is a definite flow carrying the visitor through starker black and white imagery through sparks of colour and light.

The show is full of texture and far from being morose – it is laden with humour as well as introspection.

There are many 3-D pieces using recycled objects as well as photography and rich oil paints that all speak to the theme.

The traditional belief that winter was not the time of death but the time of regeneration and creativity seems to have become lost in the mists of time, yet here at Artefacto it is well and truly found.