Recipes from refugees

Mary from Ghana (credit Laura Martinez)
Mary from Ghana (credit Laura Martinez)

Supper club’s book features tasty dishes from around the world, writes Charlie Bolderow

Stories and Supper, which launched in 2017, is a supper-club project based in Walthamstow that aims to challenge the myths surrounding the migration crisis.

Refugee and non-refugee volunteers work in partnership to produce great food and inspiring stories. Now with ‘Fellowship Funding’ from London Borough of Culture 2019, we are creating a cookbook! More Than a Recipe Book contains recipes that have been written, tested and refined by a team of refugees, asylum seekers and local volunteers. More than just a collection of recipes, the book also features the stories of refugees and migrants involved in the project, with first-person accounts of migration experiences and personal journeys.

The book production has involved a team of professional creatives, including award-winning photographer John Nassari, alongside chefs and food stylists Oliver Rowe and Sanchia Lovell. Portrait photographs in the book have been taken by Laura Martinez, and the book has been designed by local designer Angela Lyons.

This is the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. Helen Taylor, co-founder of Stories and Supper, says: “It’s not a book from a celebrity chef or a fancy restaurant, but each and every recipe means a huge amount to the person who donated it.

“They are recipes that speak of friends and family, of home and belonging.”

At a time of relentless negative press about migrants, many people are keen to establish genuine change through a more positive dialogue. Purchasing a copy of More Than A Recipe Book can help facilitate that change.

The book will be launched at an event on Wednesday 4th December, from 7pm at One Hoe Street. Please come along to sample some of the delicious food and listen to some powerful and moving stories, all taken from the pages of the book. This is your opportunity to pick it up, hot off the press! Our signature aprons and statement T-shirts will also be on sale.

Stories and Supper operates with an excellent core of volunteers, participants and advocates who support the work we do towards our aims – a positive narrative of migration, alongside a more welcoming and supportive environment for those who need to make the journey.

For more information and to order your copy of More Than A Recipe Book:

Arepas, by Laura from Venezuela (credit John Nassari)
Arepas, by Laura from Venezuela (credit John Nassari)