Prints: Colour, spring and hope by Inky Cuttlefish Studios

(Credit: Jenny Thomas)

Inky Cuttlefish Health and Wellbeing group, run by Anna Alcock, put a twist on this month’s photography theme with creative prints: paintings, collages, collagraphs and postcards…

Founder Anna Alcock says her weekly arts group, which meets on Zoom each Wednesday, represents hope to her – not just the unusual prints they’ve created together.

“The overall sense that I have when I am spending two hours [with my group] is one of companionship and hope,” she says. “The pieces I am sharing are filled with life, colour, spring and hope for the time when we can be together again,  see and share what we are doing in person.”

Inky Cuttlefish capture ‘hope’ in their unique artworks (Credit: Anna Alcock)
(Credit: Anna Alcock)
Woodcut (Credit: Viv Jones)
(Credit: Mike Jones)

71-year-old Jenny Thomas, a member of the group, says she found hope in the challenge of creating artwork – after finding herself in a lonely place during lockdown.

She shared: “Lockdown hit everyone very hard, but perhaps more when you live on your own, and at 71, I was struggling at times and missing my family and friends, and social interaction.

Woodcut (Credit: Jane Evans)
(Credit: Jimena Pardo)

“The health and wellbeing course, run so selflessly by Anna, was at first a bit scary but soon became a challenge. It was an event each week to look forward to.

“In the process, I’ve learnt so much about lino cutting and making prints – ones with dual colours and reduction prints – also collages, collographs and making postcards.

Collograph (Credit: Viv Jones)
(Credit: Kristen Schmidt)
(Credit: Mo Gallacio)
(Credit: Jenny Thomas)

“It really tested me to do it, as I wasn’t confident about the results. But meeting new people and with a creative local friend in the mix – plus lots of encouragement from Anna and the others – I really feel I’ve grown in confidence and am very lucky to be a part of this group.”

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