Polish and proud

Prince John Zylinski, the founder of Duma Polska, says the party is standing for election on 3rd May to represent everyone in Waltham Forest

Prince John Zylinski

Prince John Zylinski, founder of Duma Polska

Do you want to live in a society in which everybody is treated fairly and politicians tackle real issues that affect real people?

I believe the British people have a strong sense of fairness, and I’ve been deeply moved by the warmth with which our candidates have been greeted. But before you decide who to support in the local elections on 3rd May, let me clear up a few myths.

Polish Pride is not just here to represent Poles. We are here to represent everybody who is tired of Westminster politics. Locally, we want safer streets and proper refuse collections. We want to build a million homes and plant a million trees. And we want to abolish council tax, which is unfair and regressive.

Most of all, we want to resist the creeping racism and insidious ‘Europhobia’ that is using Brexit as an excuse for unacceptable abuse. The British and the Polish are historic allies with a shared history of standing up to bullies, hence the magnificent contribution of Polish fighter pilots to the RAF during the Battle of Britain.

The shabby way that Westminster currently treats minorities is a form of bullying. Jewish voters are aware of Labour’s appalling track record on anti-Semitism. Similarly, black voters have been outraged by the government’s lack of compassion over the Windrush scandal.

I recently spoke to a hard-working NHS nurse of Romanian heritage. She told me she was previously reduced to tears after Nigel Farage famously implied that nobody wants to live near a Romanian. I’m also aware of eight-year-old Polish schoolgirl who was asked in the playground by her best friend: “When are you going to f*** off back to Poland?”

We love the British way of life – but if you prick us, we will bleed too just like anybody else.

Our candidates include businessmen and businesswomen, teachers, prison officers and skilled construction workers. They work hard and pay their taxes. Join with us in resistance by making ‘Europhobia’ a hate crime.

The Westminster parties will attempt to dismiss Polish Pride, but privately they are rattled by our alliance of all kinds of people alike. When I stood in the London mayoral election in 2016, around 70 percent of the 38,000 first-and-second preference votes that I received were from non-Poles, mainly English and other EU citizens.

In many Labour areas, a vote for the Conservatives is a wasted vote. Meanwhile, in Tory strongholds, a vote for Labour is meaningless. Both parties know that Polish Pride offers a real alternative because we have strong pockets of support to build upon in key areas. Join the resistance. Vote Polish Pride on May 3rd.

This is the fifth article in a series focusing on the political parties standing for election to Waltham Forest Council on Thursday 3rd May 2018. For more information and a full list of candidates:

Visit walthamforest.gov.uk/content/local-elections-2018