Photo series: The patterns of everyday life

For this month’s photography theme, Pattern, photographer Joe Donohoe documents the shapes and symmetry he sees in ordinary, everyday landscapes…

“This series of photographs captures my everyday view of life in Waltham Forest. Walking the streets day or night, I always have an old 35mm film camera with me. 

“I regularly photograph people in and around Walthamstow, but I’m particularly attracted to finding shapes, patterns and symmetry in the seemingly everyday landscapes of urban life. Train platforms, shelters and industrial estates are brimming with visual interest, and I love capturing their geometric lines with black and white film. 

“I have lived in Walthamstow for thirty years now, and I take these photos to help preserve memories of the area that I know so well. Everything is changing at such a fast pace, and I feel it’s important to help document the way we live now as a record for the future.”

Photographs by Joe Donohoe

Find more of Joe’s amazing work at his official website and Instagram @joedonohoephotography