Photo series: Quiet observations by Joe Donohoe

A woman travelling during the pandemic. By Joe Donohoe

Photographer Joe Donohoe tells us the stories behind his stunning black and white photographs, taken in and around Walthamstow during a year of change…

“Overground trains are great places; the windows to the world outside seem to encourage some degree of reflection. Whilst travelling one day I noticed this woman in a mask and lost in her own thoughts.”

“This busker is a regular in Walthamstow, mainly in and around the market area. I found his reflective aviators particularly striking.”

“I like to walk the market many times when taking photographs. In this photo, I noticed a market stall selling white fabrics and loved how they contrasted with the women’s darker clothes.”

“I love finding stories in photographs. For me this picture is about family and the different stages of life. I only realised much later that the boy’s jumper had the words ‘epic’ on it. I think it makes the picture.”

“It was late afternoon when I took this picture. The sun gets much lower around this time, so shadows are more pronounced. I walked past this alleyway and waited for someone to add interest to the shadows against the brick wall.”

“I’m naturally a people-watcher, and the square in Walthamstow market is a great place to find interesting characters. These two gentlemen were wrapped in conversation for over half an hour and were gesticulating strongly throughout.”

“I’ve seen this busker perform in and around Walthamstow many times. His guitar is usually a little out of tune, but on this occasion he was completely absorbed in his playing. Onlookers barely registered him as they walked past.”

“I like to remain as invisible as possible when taking photos; I want people to remain natural and undisturbed. For this shot, I hid behind the many trinkets hanging from a market stall and waited to get the shot.”

“This was taken near the end of the day in Walthamstow market. The natural light had almost gone, so the only light left available was from the spot-lamps on the market stalls. I’m a big fan of Van Gogh, and this picture always reminds me of his Potato Eaters paintings.”

“When the streets get too noisy, I like to retreat to more natural areas. This photo of a goose was taken at Hollow Ponds.”

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