Photo series: Leave To Luck

Photographer Georgie White Winter finds new meaning in the places she passes each day, as she prepares to leave Waltham Forest for good…

I completed this series during the last few times I took a wander around the lovely town of Walthamstow.

“The series is called Leave To Luck, and it is my view of the insignificant places that I passed almost every day of my life as a mother that, to me, became significant.

“They became loyal, reliable and comforting, to know they were there. I started gazing at the places with a different eye. Absorbing them. Especially during a time that we weren’t able to step inside many of the spaces, these places became even more like statues on a high street.

“I used double exposure to work with the film over many trips across the marshes, the high street, and through the back streets. The paths well-trodden over the years pushing a pram with two little boys.

“This is my last look at Walthamstow as I move out of London.”  

Photographs by Georgie White. Follow Georgie on Instagram @georgiegeorgiejwhite

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