Photo series: Change in the borough

Preserved scoreboard at Walthamstow Stadium (May 2020)

Photographer Elena Dante reflects on a year of change in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, from demolished buildings to activism and art…

“I’ve always been amazed by the speed at which London changes and reinvents itself. It’s a relentless run, where things are gained, and things are lost and mourned.

Former children’s play area Tumble in the Jungle being demolished on Wood Street (January 2021)
Cycle In cinema at Pimp Hall Park, Chingford (September 2020)
NHS mural on Ravenswood Road, Walthamstow (October 2020) 

“2020 brought unprecedented challenges, to which Waltham Forest residents responded with resilience and creativity, while Black Lives Matter inspired a new commitment to rediscover history and celebrate diversity. 2021 brings the new challenge of Brexit, whose true impact will only become clearer in the next months. 

Rock Against Racism mural on Wyatts Lane, Walthamstow (January 2021)
Black Unity Bike Ride, Walthamstow Town Square Gardens (August 2020)

“Throughout life, we will always face change – sometimes sudden and unexpected, sometimes fought for or against. How we deal with it makes who we are.”

The Italian Choice mini-market in Leytonstone (January 2021)

Photographs by Elena Dante

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