Photo series: A year of change in Epping Forest and Hollow Ponds

The first in our ‘changes’ series, photographer Caroline Jones captures the shifting seasons in the beauty of Epping Forest and Hollow Ponds…

“My photobook, Follow The Light: A Year In Epping Forest And Hollow Ponds’ explores the ancient woodland throughout the changing of the seasons.

“In the extraordinary year of 2020, the forest bordering London and Essex provided me with a place of tranquility amongst the chaos of the outside world.

“Wandering between aged oaks and fields of yellow gorse, I documented the warm, dry spring to the chilly winter days in the woodland.

“Discovering the beauty of nature through photography has positively benefited my mental wellbeing and I hope that you will find inspiration through my photographs of this special place.”

Photography by Caroline Jones

You can see more of Caroline’s work on Instagram