Night tube concerns for blighted residents

Residents blighted by noise pollution from the Victoria Line are nervously awaiting the introduction of night trains in 2016.

Walthamstow Central

A Victoria Line platform at Walthamstow Central Station

After engineering works were carried out at Walthamstow Central over the summer the tube started creating a noise that “felt like trains were running under our floorboards,” according to people living near the station.

Although Transport for London (TfL) claims to have fixed the problem, tube trains can still be heard rumbling under homes at a louder volume than before the summer’s engineering works were undertaken.

Plans to operate a 24/7 service on the Victoria Line at weekends have been delayed but are still expected to begin early next year.

Zoe Green, along with her neighbours in Somers Road, Walthamstow, formed the Tube Noise Action Group. She told the Echo: “Just after they finished the work it felt like trains were running under our floorboards. A crack appeared in our wall and our bathroom started leaking.

“We were being woken up at 5.30am and couldn’t get to sleep until the tube had finished running.

“I understand there is going to be noise but I didn’t think they could do work to improve the line and for the noise to then be worse.

“TfL have smoothed the track down now and it is ten times better than it was, but still worse than when we moved in. When the tube starts running all night it is going to be a different matter.”

There are 60 people in the Tube Noise Action Group who claim to have been affected by noise pollution, all living in the area between Walthamstow Central and Blackhorse Road.

A TfL spokesman said: “We have been in close contact with some Walthamstow residents who have reported noise from the trains on the Victoria Line.

“Our engineers treated this as a priority and worked to urgently improve and renew the track beneath affected properties. We’ve measured significant improvements because of this, however we remain in contact with residents and will monitor and maintain tracks to minimise noise.

“We have been working with local authorities, residents and stakeholders ahead of the night tube opening, to mitigate potential noise issues.

“This includes making station announcements at a reduced volume, replacing sections of worn rail and removing or refurbishing joints that cause noise.

“We expect minimal disturbance to be caused by the less frequent nighttime services on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Once the night tube is operational, we will continue to investigate and address any issues regarding noise.”

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