Little Free Libraries Land In E17

Submitted by: Staff Writer

A new way to share books has arrived in London and Walthamstow is its birthplace. Little Free Libraries literally appeared on the streets of E17 overnight on 31 May 2014 when a new project was launched to coincide with the start of the E17 Art Trail. So, what is a Little Free Library (LFL)? It’s an artfully decorated house-shaped box offering people the opportunity to take a book for free.

Very little in life is free these days, especially in London, so these mini book sharing venues have been welcomed with open arms by the local community. As well as taking a book, patrons are encouraged to return and donate books too.

There are 12 LFLs in Walthamstow in total which were built and installed as part of a new national initiative by charity Little Free Library Project, whose aim is to increase access to free books and promote literacy and art in the UK.

LFLs are located in residential front gardens, cafes, pubs and community spaces. LFL host Marita Keremezo said “I got involved to try and bring reading closer to people, particularly children.” You can see her beautiful book box on Garner Road, E17. It was decorated by local artist Gabriela Castellanos. “I find that people in Walthamstow genuinely want to enage and talk to each other, but there is often a barrier, which something like the LFL Project can overcome.” says Keremezo.

UK Project Manager Nick Cheshire says he has been overwhelmed by the positive response from the Walthamstow community, “hosts, artists and the local community have all come together to help make this project a success.” said Cheshire.

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