Juno: A space welcoming wellness in E10

Jo Sealy from the Waltham Forest Business Network meets Katie Stockdale, whose Leyton-based wellness brand Juno launched weeks before the pandemic 

Katie Stockdale, founder of Juno

When Katie Stockdale decided to fulfil her desire to create a women-centric wellness space, little did she know that she would be opening mere weeks before a global pandemic. 

The business idea had been in her mind for a while. In her networks, she found that topics dear to the women-focused concept were happening online – but there were few, if any, spaces to bring these conversations together in person. 

And so the concept was launched in September 2019. The physical space in Leyton was in place from February 2020, and offers the opportunity for collaborative events, wellness workshops, retreats and supper clubs alike. 

“Juno provides a female focused events space and café with classes and workshops that challenge, educate and empower,” Katie explains. “I wanted to create a space that was full of opportunity to collaborate with the community.” 

However, launching a business at the start of a global pandemic in two of the hardest-hit sectors – hospitality and events – put a pause on business growth plans. 

Now, as restrictions ease, Katie is focusing expanding Juno’s lifestyle aspect – curating a range of wellbeing products that align with its brand ethos. 

“Surviving the pandemic has thrown up challenges, not only for running Juno but also the personal side of things like homeschooling,” she says.

“We have been fortunate to get some government support to keep afloat but it’s not been easy. It really does get you thinking about future-proofing and expanding routes to revenue to build in a bit more of a safety net.” 

Despite the challenges, Katie is looking forward to getting Juno back on track. 

“I believe that people will be looking to retreat from digital media and return to the more physical and tangible and there will be a real thirst again for in-person events after the past year. That really excites me!” 

For more information, visit Juno’s official website

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