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In her latest column on local small businesses, Waltham Forest Business Network’s Jo Sealy meets a colourful personality

Eleanor Mitchell

Eleanor Mitchell, who started her business Colours By Eleanor last year

Eleanor Mitchell lives life in colour. She believes that the colours you wear can greatly change your appearance and confidence within yourself and that the right shades will make you look brighter, radiant, and ready for the day.

She set up Colours By Eleanor, a colour consultancy business based in Walthamstow, following her training early in 2017. The business provides colour consultations; working with hair, skin and eye colours to identify the right shades for an individual based on a colour wheel used across fashion and design industries.

Based on the hue or undertone, clarity and depth of the colour, Eleanor advises on make up, what to wear, and how to wear it. She says: “I love colour, whether it’s for the home or in clothes. I experienced colour consultancy myself about six years ago. It gave me the confidence to try new things and even when sleep deprived or poorly I could still look ready for the day!

“This inspired me to set up a business of my own to share this experience with others and get more colour out there.”

Eleanor also offers workshops where friends can experience and understand the best colours to wear by season and she recently had the opportunity to advise The Sun newspaper for its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign on what shades of pink suit different skin tones.

“Doing the colours of someone who has little confidence and seeing them blossom with the right colours has been so rewarding,” says Eleanor. “It starts with clothes but soon helps people to be more outgoing and confident in themselves, which is beautiful to see and do for people.”

Eleanor is in no doubt that taking the leap to start her business has been one of the best decisions she’s made so far. She now hopes to see the business develop into advising on colours for the home.

“To those thinking of starting their own business I would say work out the finances, set realistic goals for growth over the first year, and go for it!

“I love being flexible with my time for appointments and ensuring the experience is enjoyable, informative and fun. I love that people leave feeling happy.”

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