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Hundreds of free slippers donated to elderly for winter

Any leftover slippers are now being handed out by the borough's libraries

Hero for Hundreds of free slippers donated to elderly for winter
Cllr Limbajee, with donations to be handed out by local foodbank The Hub (credit: WF Council)
By Victoria Munro 05 January 2022

Hundreds of slippers, gloves and scarves were given away free to the borough’s elderly in a bid to keep them warm through winter.

More than 250 pairs of slippers were sent to care homes residents and those in sheltered accommodation, while 500 pairs of gloves and scarves were distributed by food banks to households in need. 

The warm clothes were paid for by Waltham Forest Council, in a bid to help residents struggling with fuel poverty, while also reducing the risk of falls. 

Announcing the giveaway shortly before Christmas, Cllr Khevyn Limbajee, cabinet member for adult services, said the scheme would have the added benefit of saving NHS money.

He said: “This is such a simple, but brilliant, idea and I’m overjoyed that we are launching it in the borough. Poor fitting slippers can cause serious injury with people slipping or tripping.

“That can have serious consequences for an elderly person’s health and independence and ultimately lead to social isolation. This is one of the ways we can improve the quality of life for our older residents.”

It has been estimated that around nine per cent of hip fractures suffered by elderly patients are because of bad footwear, with each fracture costing the NHS more than £20,000.

Following the massive distribution drive at the end of last month, any leftover slippers will now be given away free in the borough’s libraries.