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New sustainability award won by retired teacher

Local Sustainable Hero Catherine Thuaire

Local Sustainable Hero Catherine Thuaire

The first-ever ‘Waltham Forest Sustainable Hero’ has been crowned after showing how a lot of little things go a long way to making a big difference.

Catherine Thuaire was chosen for the inaugural award, launched this year by local sustainable business, after being nominated by her husband Charles.

The retired primary school teacher from Walthamstow told the Echo: “I have got parents who never wanted to waste anything and that has become my mentality as well. I make my own yoghurt, I buy seasonal veg, I buy second-hand clothes, I reuse foil, and I mend things instead of throwing them away.

“It is an attitude of mine, to help the planet and make the best use of whatever you have got.”

The Waltham Forest Sustainable Hero scheme was launched by through an Echo article in spring, and it saw 20 local green champions nominated. Presenting the award during June’s third-annual Green Open Homes weekend, the firm’s co-owner Dee Wood said: “It’s these little things people do that all add up to something.

“Anyone can install solar panels if they have the money, but there are many other things you can do, and we wanted to hear about those people who go a bit further.”

Dee added that she hoped the sustainable hero award could become a regular event on the Waltham Forest community’s calendar.

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