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Former local cop caught with drugs at amusement park

The former officer chose to resign before he could be sacked

Hero for Former local cop caught with drugs at amusement park
By Victoria Munro 30 December 2021

A former Waltham Forest cop brought disgrace to the force when he was caught with drugs while off-duty.

PC Wayne Dalphinis received community service in court earlier this year after confessing to taking half a pill of MDMA with him to an amusement park in July.

At his misconduct hearing on 22nd December, assistant commissioner Helen Ball said he would have been sacked without notice, had he not already resigned in September.

Explaining her decision, she wrote: “It is unacceptable for police officers, who are responsible for upholding the law, to break the law themselves and to do so brings discredit on the service.

“Former PC Dalphinis has admitted that he believed the tablet he had been given was ecstasy, a Class A drug, but that despite this he accepted it, took some and was in possession of the rest. 

“If former PC Dalphinis’s account of how he obtained the tablet is taken at face value then not only should he not have accepted the tablet but in fact he should have taken action to prevent the supply of drugs.”

She noted that former PC Dalphinis first joined the Met in February 2020.