Draw on our creative culture

An upcoming art exhibition invites everyone to get involved

Ben Brignell drawing

Ben Brignell drawing from the platform of St James Street Station

A new exhibition of drawings by four local artists is going on display at the Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park.

Inspired by their surroundings and Walthamstow’s intrinsic creative culture, the artists all respond through the direct medium of drawing. Each artist explores the boundaries of drawing and its meaning in their own unique way.

From sound artist Jamie Perera’s 3D visual exploration of line to Ranjit Jhita’s classically-inspired figure drawings, the preparatory ‘drawn’ collages of painter Katie Deith and Ben Brignall’s time-bound studies in line, there is a focus on visual exploration and the artists invite the viewer to experience this process through their work.

Draw Walthamstow Draw is developed in the spirit of engagement and collaboration and welcomes creative contributions from visitors to the exhibition. There will also be a range of artist-led workshop sessions at the gallery on 18th and 19th February.

Winns Gallery sits at the heart of Walthamstow’s Lloyd Park – once the gardens to William Morris’ family home. This spirit of creativity and collaboration runs deep through the veins of Walthamstow and is further evidenced in the highly engaged nature of the drawings exhibited and the many opportunities for visitors to the exhibition to contribute to the show via their own creative input.

Draw Walthamstow Draw is produced by ARTPilot, a creative events producer introducing new art experiences via exhibitions, talks and behind-the-scenes or tailored events at museums, galleries and cultural venues.

Draw Walthamstow Draw at the Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park runs 14th-19th February, 10am-4pm (10am-2pm on Sunday 19th). Entry is free. For more information:

Email info@artpilot.com

Visit facebook.com/artpilotuk