Call to save community centre’s social nights

Hornbeam Nights

Hornbeam Nights, a series of social evenings at the Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow

Time is running out to support a crowdfunding campaign for a community centre’s social evenings.

Walthamstow’s long-running community hub The Hornbeam Centre in Hoe Street, Bakers Arms, launched the crowdfunder to ensure the continuation of its ‘Hornbeam Nights’ events.

The centre needs to raise £4,998 by Saturday 11th November and the funds will primarily be spent on equipment to “elevate the quality of the events that promote and celebrate environmental and social change in the community”.

The Hornbeam hosts a zero-waste vegan cafe by day, but at night offers a range of events including live music, educational film nights, low-impact and low-cost living workshops, as well as supper clubs supporting aspiring chefs.

The centre is dedicated to building community links and supporting disadvantaged groups in the area and collaborates with other local social enterprises including OrganicLea, HEET, and Forest Recycling Project.

Supper club held as part of Hornbeam Nights

A supper club held as part of Hornbeam Nights (credit Sara Lynd Photography)

Charlie Boyd, head of events, said: “Since the launch of the Hornbeam Nights series, we have seen a huge sense of community and support here. To carry on offering these events, we need to update our equipment as the gear we have is so old and hanging on by a thread and not reflecting the quality of the musicians and facilitators.

“It’s really important to keep these events going to support the community and promote such valuable messages and causes as well as being the springboard for ideas and creativity.

“We are so grateful for any support we can get.”

Hornbeam regular and chef Ra Ra Ramen added: “Hornbeam Nights are a genuinely unique part of Walthamstow life and offer great opportunities for people. I’ve had the chance to DJ in public for the first time and also be a chef for the night at the Saturday Supper Club.

“The nights give confidence to people to try things and form a community and that’s very important to a lot of people.”

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