Sneak peek: Worthy, a new E17 Art Trail project

An example of art produced by Worthy.

Neesha Badhan’s project for the 2021 E17 Art Trail, Worthy, explores the power of self-worth and moves away from digital delivery, writes Penny Rutterford…

If we’ve discovered anything during this pandemic it’s surely how valuable the people doing everyday and often low-paid jobs are to society – carers, shop workers, delivery drivers, and many more.

Neesha Badhan, the founder of the self-titled arts management organisation NBAM, had been reflecting on just that when devising her latest project Worthy, in collaboration with visual artist Liz Griffiths. The project uses creativity to explore themes around self- worth, and will be exhibited at this year’s E17 Art Trail.

Many of us have felt isolated during the last year. NBAM’s projects bring diverse groups of people together – professional artists, older residents, people with long term health conditions or anyone who wants to express themselves creatively.

Neesha told me about the project: “In the last year we’ve provided lots of digital projects and we were aware that there are people who are being missed, who don’t connect with a digital offering.

Neesha Badhan, the artist

“Our creativity packs are sent out each fortnight by post. If people want to follow set instructions they can but we’re always open about how they respond. If they want to record a voice recording they can do that, if they want to send us photographs and tell us what they mean they can do that. They never have to do things in a prescribed way.”

In 2019, NBAM exhibited in The Mall for the E17 Art Trail when their project explored themes around mental health. Says Neesha: “It’s really important for the work to be seen because it’s one thing to just express yourself but it’s another feeling being heard.

“The E17 Art Trail is a highlight moment for the participants, we get together to look at our piece and look at other art so it becomes an event in itself. A social celebratory opportunity.”

There are a few free places left on this project. Get in touch via or by post/hand delivery to The Mill

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