Art exploring development

We have asked artists and photographers to look at development and housing in Waltham Forest. You can expect to see more on this theme over the next few weeks.

Art by Alison Stirling

Over the last few years, I noticed the architecture of East London dramatically change shape. I have responded with a series of sketches and paintings: ‘Gone to the dogs’ and ‘Untitled’.  Buildings are left to ruin whilst new developments spring up. What is starkly apparent is the growth of (un)affordable housing coupled with the visible rise in homelessness. My work reflects not only my interest in architecture but the key social role architecture plays in shaping lives.  

Lea Valley
I became interested in the Lea Valley ice centre development when a fellow Artist alerted me to the Save Lea Marshes campaigners there. I visited the site when the clearance works were underway and recorded the sound of bird song overlaid with the noise of tree felling. The campaigners have precise knowledge of the effect the works will have on the local ecosystem and the natural habitat of a variety of at-risk species. I began by painting the lost trees on recycled panels. When thinking about the problematic process of displaced nature I decided to create a set of postcards depicting the wildlife titled: Not out of the woods. Postcards depict a memory or of a place and time you wish to remain.
Instagram: @stirling.alison  
web: www.alisonstirlingfineart 

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