Actor in search of a theatre

Patrick Prior makes an appeal for Waltham Forest to get its own theatre

Hamlet said “The play’s the thing…” but not if he lived in Waltham Forest. We are probably unique among London boroughs as having virtually no provision for professional theatre.

If Shakespeare lived in the the borough today he’d have starved to death. I’m sure there will be many reasons given for this. In these days of financial stringency support for the arts is given low priority.

But come on, virtually no professional theatre? A borough of this size? Our near neighbours, Tower Hamlet, have the same problems as we have yet they have provision for professional theatre. Shame on us.

Anyhow, that’s the way the cookie crumbles so it’s on with the story. I’m an established professional playwright, novelist and resident of the borough. It struck me that Waltham Forest must have professional actors resident in the area who wander around sobbing quietly at the lack of performance space.

I wondered if there were enough to perhaps get together and lay on some play readings? At least it would be a tiny theatrical spark in the darkness.

So, depending on whether enough professional actors are interested we can perhaps have an initial meeting, swap ideas and see if we can do our thing.

I can be contacted through the contact form on my website

If there’s enough interest I’ll be in touch.


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