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Police seek to identify man who died at Leyton Midland Road Station in 2004

Nearly twenty years on, cops have launched a fresh bid to identify ‘John Doe’, who was killed by an oncoming train on 8th November 2004

By Marco Marcelline

Inset image: A depiction of the man, Credit: British Transport Police

The British Transport Police (BTP) has re-opened an investigation into a non-suspicious death at Leyton Midland Road Station nearly twenty years ago.

The man, referred to by investigators as ‘John Doe’, was killed after running onto the railway tracks at around 8.45pm on Monday 8th November 2004.

‘John Doe’ is described as a white male about 30 years of age, and 5’10” with short dark brown hair.

He was wearing dark blue jeans, black Diesel velcro training shoes, along with a grey and white polo shirt with herringbone pattern, a brown Wrangler leather belt, and a blue Nike jacket.

He was also in possession of a black body glove rucksack, a small pair of nail scissors and an empty brown wallet.

According to the BTP, the train driver was travelling at about “40mph” and was slowing down to approach the station when he saw the man suddenly stand up in the bushes alongside the railway line.

An artist’s depiction of
‘John Doe’, Credit: British Transport Police

The police force is hopeful the next of kin may be traced via the fresh appeal. The investigation is part of a number of re-opened investigations into non-suspicious deaths across the railway network where the deceased persons have never been identified.

These include deaths in Upton Park, Mile End, South Kenton, and Hornsey stations in London, as well as in further afield places like Canterbury, and Hassocks.

The Upton Park Station death took place on 20th March 1979. The man was black, around 30 to 40 years old, and about 5’8” with black greying hair. He was wearing a brown leather bomber jacket and a blue jumper with a Rolls Royce motif. 

The BTP is also investigating a death at Manor Park Station on 10th January 2001, at 11pm. The deceased is described as a white man, between 30-40 years of age, of stocky build, dark collar length hair, wearing a blue jacket or fleece, brown corduroy trousers and a dark coloured woolly hat. 

In a bid to make awareness of the deaths as widespread as possible, BTP is working in partnership with BBC Crimewatch, and a programme that aired on Monday (11th March) showed depictions of several of the fatally injured people.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam Blackburn said: “It is always a tragedy when anyone dies alone, and in unfamiliar and dangerous circumstances, and even more so when they have no apparent family or friends who are aware of their whereabouts – or indeed that they have died.”

“There was nothing suspicious in any of these deaths but, despite significant enquiries at the time, their identities remain unconfirmed.

“We really hope by sharing these artist impressions, we can identify families and friends and give someone somewhere who is grieving the much-needed closure that they deserve.”

If you have information about ‘John Doe’s’ identity please fill in the following form

You can also call BTP on 0121 634 5613 quoting the drawing reference number. Watch the BBC Crimewatch programme here

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