Chingford boy, 9, gets first GCSE

By Victoria Munro

Zayn Chowdhury (credit: Patrick Dowse)
Zayn Chowdhury (credit: Patrick Dowse)

A Chingford nine-year-old has already passed his Maths GCSE, receiving the second highest possible grade.

Shipon Chowdhury says his son Zayn plans to take all his exams early, and now has his eyes on the sciences, to boost his chances of getting into Oxbridge.

Zayn attends Selwyn Primary School but studied in his own time while stuck at home during lockdown and took the exam independently last November.

Shipon said: “I don’t know where he gets his talents from. His mother and I are both educated but he’s surpassing above and beyond anything we did.

“He’s good at maths and science but really he’s good across the board, I think he finds school quite easy. He’s not always studying either, he’s very sporty and loves BMX and football.”

The family celebrated Zayn finishing his exam with a trip to Disneyland in LA and by giving him a “yes day”, where he could pick the family’s activities.