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Waltham Forest Business Network’s Jo Sealy meets two physios who feel at home A newly established company providing a specialised home physiotherapy […]By Waltham Forest Echo

Waltham Forest Business Network’s Jo Sealy meets two physios who feel at home

Danny Greaves, director and senior physiotherapist, with his client Kirsty

A newly established company providing a specialised home physiotherapy service has launched in Waltham Forest.

Post Op Home Physio is the brainchild of physiotherapists Mark Wilkinson and Danny Greeves, who realised that patients lacked the support and information needed to maintain their recovery at home following surgery.

The company claims to be the only one in London providing a bespoke home physiotherapy service specifically for recovery and rehab, ensuring the smooth transition from recovery after an operation to regaining independence and full function.

Mark and Danny have each accrued over a decade of experience, ranging from seeing patients pre-operatively in clinic, helping them get home from hospital after an operation, to more recently optimising recovery at home.

Says Mark: “We noticed that even when some patients appeared to be recovering well and are in great shape when they leave hospital to be discharged, sometimes six weeks later when they return to see us again their progress would have slowed, stagnated, or even regressed.

“We realised that many patients return home with little information, they have no idea what they are supposed to be doing or feeling in the early weeks after surgery, they aren’t sure if they are doing the exercises correctly, or maybe they aren’t doing enough of them.

“Our initial focus has been to address that and the feedback we have received is incredibly encouraging.”

The team’s mission is to get Waltham Forest residents up and mobile in a way that is quicker, safer, and happier than before they started, knowing that their service can provide the community with a better level of care. Now coming up to its first year anniversary, Post Op Home Physio is building links with GP surgeries, orthopaedic surgeons and collaborating with different healthcare providers.

Danny says: “The feedback we have been getting from our patients has been so rewarding. We really enjoy helping people recover in a way where they feel safe, informed, and can begin to start doing all of the things they love again.”

The Post Op Home Physio team of therapists is growing and they have their sights firmly set on expanding to all London boroughs.

Mark says: “With the estimated rise in orthopaedic surgery expected over the coming years, we hope to provide the same level of service in neighbouring cities to London and beyond.”

What’s the most satisfying thing about running the business? Danny answers: “Being able to work on something that started as just a seed of an idea and watching it grow and evolve into something very real and tangible.”

For more information about Post Op Home Physio: Visit postophomephysio.com

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