Money pours in for homeless Harry

Homeless man Marian Hargas

Harry was promised a job in London but it never materialised, leaving him homeless

Generous donors have pledged more than £800 to help a homeless man “with a good heart” get off the streets.

Marian Hargas, who goes by the nickname Harry, was promised a job in London to help him start a new life following a family tragedy in his native Slovakia.

But the job was a con and Harry ended up homeless in Walthamstow with no money and no friends in a foreign country.

Massage therapist Fran Dewar saw Harry on the streets and was so moved by his story she not only gave him some change but set up an online campaign via the charitable website Just Giving.

The campaign aims to raise £1,000 to fund YMCA accommodation for six weeks, long enough for the 36-year-old to find a job.

Harry can speak basic English and is skilled in computing but cannot work without a proof of address. In her heartwarming appeal, Fran said: “After meeting Harry I was inspired to help him.

“He is a gentle man, with a good heart, and despite his situation still remains positive and proactive in trying to help himself. He just needs a helping hand to get him started.

“Harry has the right to work and live in the UK and wants to make a life for himself here. All he needs is enough money to get him into accommodation so he is off the streets and can apply for a job.

“Harry does not drink or take any drugs. The funds will get him started so he can make his own income. There are so many people we can’t help, but we can help Harry.”

Speaking to the Echo, Harry said Fran was “a nice human” and was surprised by the generosity of people in Walthamstow.

“I met this woman and she said she wanted to help me,” Harry said. “I don’t why, she must be a nice human. A few other people promised to help me as well but Fran really wanted to.

“I have met someone who might give me a job but I need accommodation. I don’t want to speak about what happened to me but I have nobody to go back to in Slovakia.

“I want to start a new life here. There are a lot of nice people here.”

By James Cracknell

Visit to help Harry find a home. You can also donate to national homeless charity Shelter via