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In her regular column about local small businesses, Jo Sealy finds calm meeting a Leytonstone entrepreneur

Pippa Moye

Pippa Moye launched Silver Ray Healing Therapies in 2012 (credit Theo Moye)

A personal health crisis resulting from chronic stress prompted Pippa Moye from Leytonstone to re-evaluate her life – and start a new business.

Following a period of learning about energy work and meditation, and then business seminars from enterprise organisations, Pippa launched Silver Ray Healing Therapies in October 2012.

The company specialises in coaching and positive psychology for the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion, as well as workshops and talks about wellness, stress management, and mindfulness.

“I guide clients through difficult phases of personal and spiritual development,” explains Pippa. “I can help clients rediscover their confidence, motivation, and direction, to achieve a better quality of life.”

Silver Ray Healing serves clients locally, or long-distance by Skype. Unusually for this kind of practice, the training is one-to-one, enabling Pippa to tailor the teaching to each person’s needs, to ensure that their challenges and questions are fully addressed.

By continuing to develop her own coaching and counselling skills, Pippa is able to fully support her clients process the issues that come up in healing sessions. As a reiki master-teacher, Pippa is also able to share her expertise and has trained more than 20 reiki practitioners, bringing a number up to reiki master level.

Empowerment and not dependency is one of Pippa’s mantras. She says: “The better I do my job, the less my clients will need me! I work in partnership with them, teaching them as we go along and enabling them to help themselves.

“I always debrief clients at the end of a session to explain what is going on with their energy and what they can do between sessions to support the healing process.”

Running a busy practice does mean that scheduling her own personal time is a priority for Pippa who, as you might expect, plans well ahead to ensure that she has a social life.

“I’m extremely proud of my achievements and would say to any new entrepreneurs to always trust your instincts.

“I love the fact that I am completely in control of my own success and I can be creative, work in a way that plays to my strengths and jump at opportunities when they come along. This makes the business flexible and responsive to what people need, and it keeps the whole thing fresh and exciting.”

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