Industry vs Nature

Industry vs Nature by Alison Stirling

I am an artist living and working in East London.  A lot of my inspiration comes from the marshes, I cross them most days by train or bike. I am particularly inspired by the conflict and complicity of the industrial and natural world. In the mornings there are incredible sunrises and fields of mist towards the east. The pylon towers impose themselves majestically in the landscape. The brief journey across the marshes reveals a flash of nature in the increasingly developed urban environment.  

Last year one of my pylon paintings was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition. The curator was Jock McFadyen who famously painted the Walthamstow dog stadium.  

Now that Covid restrictions mean that I cannot travel further afield I find that I am drawn back to the marshes more and more for inspiration. I currently have a painting in ‘A climate of Change’ Exhibition at The Mill, Walthamstow. The painting is one of a study of urban birds produced over lockdown 1.   

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