Choosing an outfit for Valentine’s

Fashion blogger Cecile Essono shares her tips, including where to shop for clothes in Walthamstow

Cecile Essono

Cecile Essono writes a popular fashion blog, Mode by Cece

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but you don’t have to go to the gym or start a diet to pull off a great look.

I’ve written ten fashion tricks anyone can use to help pull off on whatever look you decide to wear for your perfect date.

You might already own some of these items in your wardrobe but if you don’t, you can find many of them locally at Walthamstow Market or the High Street, one of my favourite places to shop. It is full of amazing stores, local charity shops that have great finds, or brilliant bargains on stalls to help you treat yourself to a new fashion item while at the same time supporting community businesses and worthy causes.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, remember that self love is the best type of love.

My top fashion tips

1. Did you know wearing a pair of skinny heels with pointy toes instantly make you look slimmer? A slender toe and thin heel help to extend the narrow silhouette of your calves. TK Maxx in The Mall has a great selection.

2. Showing some skin up top by wearing a V-neckline, for example, gives the illusion of a longer, upper body. The more skin shown between chin and chest, the more the proportions of the body will seem balanced.

3. Wearing long necklaces adds length to a short neck; they take the attention away from the hips and put it back to the front and centre of the body. British Heart Foundation’s charity shop situated just opposite Walthamstow Library has a nice range.

4. For long hair I suggest keeping it off your face by using pony tails, or any other styles that keep the hair held up, to bring out your bone structure.

5. Embrace waist trainers or shape wears, because they smooth out any bulky places while lifting up the breasts and bum. They are also great when wearing bodycon and pencil dresses. You can find some good ones in the underwear stalls.

6. Wearing nude shoes that match your skin tone helps to elongate your bottom half. As a bonus, this natural colour will compliment most outfits. Dorothy Perkins in The Mall usually has them on sale or you can try your luck in the Oxfam shop in St James Street.

7. Long-reviled horizontal stripes can also be figure-friendly. Mismatched stripes or a mix of slanted and angular stripes, create a contrast that can contour and smooth out curves. Check Sue Ryder in the High Street; you may just be lucky.

8. It might seem obvious, but do always wear clothes that actually fit you. Pretty simple, but crucial!

9. Use skinny belts on dresses and trousers to define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible.

10. Last but not least, wearing all black is probably the oldest trick in the book because darker hues make the body appear slender.


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